The Spell Weaver – Episode 2
Nicky’s eyes locked with hers for what
seemed like an eternity. She initially
was too far gone in passion to recognize
who she was looking at. There was
something totally amiss with the scene.
Like a flash, however, her eyes transited from passion to shock and then settled
on pain. She pushed Michael off her,
picked up her clothes and ran out of the
room. Michael was shocked at the complete
change in her behaviour as he hadn’t yet
seen Sophie. He suddenly sensed a
presence, turned round and saw Sophie
standing – a bottle in one hand and what
looked like an envelope in the other. Instantly, Michael got up and knelt in
front of Sophie begging. “Babe, I really don’t know what came
over me he said. Please…” Sophie was too hurt for words. She
didn’t quite know what to say or do. She
just stood there crying silent tears as
Michael knelt before her. She felt like tearing the appointment
paper and breaking the bottle on his
head but thought to herself “what good
would that do?” She threw the envelope at him, dropped
the bottle on the bed and walked out of
the room, through the sitting room and
straight out of the house. Michael
initially tried going after her but had to
go back to put something on as he was stark naked. By the time he got back to
the door, she was nowhere in sight, she
had left without a word. The Spell Weaver – Episode 2 Michael went back into the house. He
went straight to his bed and lay down
thinking about what had just gone
down. His thoughts were on how he was
going to repair this damage. Suddenly he
remembered that Sophie had thrown an envelope at him. He found the envelope, tore it open and
read the job offer with glee. He couldn’t
help giving a small shout of joy as well
as a dance. He was filled with joy and
guilt at the same time. He immediately
picked the phone to call Sophie. Her phone rang out without any answer. He
decided to give some time and maybe
even go over to her home later. Meanwhile, Sophie had gotten home, her
heart heavy and her eyes all teary. The
first person she saw in the house was
Nicky. She was sitting on the porch. She
seemed to have been waiting for Sophie
to show up. She quickly stood up and went towards Sophie as she saw her
coming. “Sophie, can we talk? Please” Nicky
asked. “Sophie, I’m sorry. It is not what you
think. I can’t explain what came over
me. One thing led to the other and things
went to the extreme,” said Nicky. “I can’t believe you’re telling me this. It’s
enough, ok” Sophie said and walked out
on her. The Spell Weaver – Episode 2 Michael tried calling Sophie all through
the weekend but she ignored him. He
thought of going over to the house but
he was afraid. For once, he had a feeling
that he had crossed the line this time. He
knew that he would get to see her on Monday, his first day at work so he
waited patiently. Nicky, couldn’t get over her guilt
feelings. She just kept seeing Sophie’s
eyes at that point when she caught her
with Michael. She desperately tried all
through the weekend to see her but
Sophie did a good job of avoiding her. Sophie remained in her room and
avoided all contact. All she could hear
was the sound of music and faint sobs
now and then. By Monday, she had had enough and she
decided to go see Michael and with him.
She left home at the crack of dawn and
was at Michael’s place within 45 mins. Michael was getting ready for his first
day at work and was interrupted in his
preparations by the sound of the
doorbell. “Who could that be?” he wondered to
himself as he wasn’t expecting anyone.
He opened the door to see Nicky. She
was one of the last persons he ever
thought he would see that morning and
he was quite surprised. “Nicky, I wasn’t expecting you,” Michael
said. “Well, I am here. We need to end this
Michael. I can’t bear to hurt my sister this
way again,” said Nicky. “Come in and sit down, let’s talk. I still
have a bit more time to get to work”
Michael said, inviting her into his room. “Wow! You didn’t tell me you had gotten
a job” Nicky said. “Yes, it came suddenly and unannounced.
We haven’t spoken in the last few days.
I would have told you. I now have a job
as an accountant ” Michael disclosed. “I’m so happy for you Michael,” Nicky
said. “……Anyway, we need to end this,
and find a way to make amends. Sophie
is really hurt. She has been avoiding me
since Friday” she continued. “Same here, she’s not answering my
calls” Michael said. “Michael, there is something else you
should know” Nicky said. “What is it?” asked Michael. “I’m two months pregnant for you.”
Nicky disclosed. “What!” Michael exclaimed. You Are Reading: The Spell Weaver – Episode 2 Later that morning Sophie reported to
work and went straight to the Human
Resource Manager’s office. “Sir, thank you so much for giving
Michael this chance, ” said Sophie. “I must say your boyfriend is really
lucky”, said the HR Manager. “Sir, can we put behind whatever
happened. I beg of you.” Sophie said. Before he could answer, they heard a
knock on the door. It was one of the
secretaries. “Sir, the new employee is here,” said the
secretary. “That must be your guy?” said the HR
Manager “I’m sure it’s him. Sir, let me take leave
of you” Sophie said and left. The HR Manager asked the secretary to
usher Michael into his office
immediately. “Good morning sir” Michael greeted “Good morning, you may sit down,” said
the HR Manager. “You are welcome to your new job. I
must say, you need to thank your
girlfriend for the extreme sacrifice she
made to ensure you got the job,” said the
Manager. “Thank you very much, sir. I promise to
be very effective and productive ” said
Michael. “Mind you, your work here is under strict
conditions which weren’t stated in your
appointment letter,” said the Manager. “Sir, what conditions? Michael asked. “Good question. Your girlfriend and I
have come a very long way so if you
want to keep your job, then you must
keep your distance,” the manager said. “Sir, I don’t understand,” Michael said. “It’s as simple as that. I’m sure you’re
matured enough to read between the
lines. What were you thinking when I
said she had made extreme sacrifices.
Young man, you either keep your
distance or you forget about the job,” the manager said. …. To be Continued.. 


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