Deborah final episode 

Deborah Final Episode

‘Ani, please look at me, I’ve been meaning to tell you everything, but I was afraid you’d turn your back on me. Please forgive me’ Morganna begged.
‘You are not saying anything, are you pregnant or not’? Ani simply asked.
‘No’ a tear slipped on her cheeks.
What of all those things Inem’s ex-said about you, are they true?
Morgana had no words to say. Her lying about the pregnancy had complicated everything making it difficult to take herself out of the situation.
Deborah – Final Episode
‘Christ! This isn’t happening, Morganna, you are not pregnant, what stuff about Inem? are you the one behind the leak? Why would you do such a thing? are you that wicked? That’s beyond wicked, you are a devil’ Selene spat angrily.
She was shocked and disappointed, her younger sister had been right all along, Morganna was the wrong woman for Ani.
‘It’s just like a dream, like a movie, that I almost ruined my son’s life with my own hands’ Mrs Briggas felt weak.
‘So I guess you planned to trap me with your fake pregnancy and maybe after we were married, you’d come up with some lie about having a miscarriage.
Why Morganna? Why weren’t you honest with me and with yourself’? Ani searched her eyes for answers but there was none.
‘I am sorry, please we can still get married and adopt our own kids, love covers so many things and I love you Ani, I truly do’ she sobbed uncontrollably.
‘No Morganna, you don’t love my son, if you did love him; you’d have told him the truth. Love and lies are enemies, Love is truth, honesty and sincerity and you’re the opposite of love, you’re a devil in a white dress. Now get up and leave my house, don’t bother coming here with your dad, tell him you have no womb’ Mrs Briggas dismissed her angrily.
Now get up and leave my house, don’t bother coming here with your dad, tell him you have no womb and that you are a lying conniving witch’ Mrs Briggas dismissed her angrily.
‘Please….’ She begged.
‘Just go Morganna’ Ani turned his face away, Inemesit had been right after all.
Her hopes had crashed just like a building into a wide ocean, she knew there was no turning back for her, she could never face Ani or any member of his family anymore. She walked out slowly and stepped out of the place she’d dreamt would be her home one day. She wasn’t angry at
She walked out slowly and stepped out of the place she’d dreamt would be her home one day. She wasn’t angry at Inem, maybe she deserved it, she’d been the first to play dirty but it backfired on her.
‘Goodbye,’ she whispered sadly and slid into her car, never to return.
Deborah – Final Episode
‘God, why are some women so toxic? I can’t believe what just happen, I’m boarding a flight, I need to take a vacation. So many weird things happening here’ Selene threw her hands in the air and left.
‘This was all my fault, Clara was right, I was too blind and pushy as a mother. Please forgive me Ani, I promise never to interfere in your love life; you’re free to love whoever you want. If you had married Morganna, and later found out all you now know, you would’ve hated me for the rest of your life’.
Mrs Briggas served her son an apology.
‘Thanks, mum, all thanks goes to Andy who helped me to take this bold step’ Ani smiled proudly at his cousin.
‘No big deal, I always want the best for you bro’ Andy elbowed him.
‘Good. Now we have one more problem, one puzzle to solve’ Clara called back their attention to Deborah who was still missing.
‘Nothing bad would happen to that girl, has the police called you yet’? Mrs Brigass asked.
‘No, we should keep our fingers crossed’ Ani replied and smiled as he remembered her beautiful face, now he felt free like chains had fallen off his feet, he couldn’t wait to see her again.
‘I guess this is the right time for you to tell mum about the other person you’re in love with’ Clara cut in impatiently. Why waste time?
‘Clara!’ Ani cautioned her.
‘What? I’ll tell her myself’ Clara winked.
‘Do you have someone else you love?’ Mrs Briggas was curious. ‘Yes, Debora’ Ani nodded.
‘Yes, Deborah’ Ani nodded.
‘Ateri’s daughter…?’ the woman’s face parted in a smile.
‘Why don’t we visit her mother? Let’s see how they’re faring’? Clara suggested. ‘That’s not a bad idea, we should all go together’ Mrs Briggas agreed.
‘That’s not a bad idea, we should all go together’ Mrs Briggas agreed.
Deborah – Final Episode
If her hands weren’t bound, she would have rubbed them over her eyes to be sure she wasn’t dreaming when she saw the man who came in with Teju. She shut her mouth hoping that her prayer had been answered.
‘So here’s our catch, you know what to do. your share would be fifty thousand naira. Do what you have to do and be quick, report back to me once evening comes’ Teju carefully instructed him and left with the young stout man.
She was now left alone with him, someone that she thought she knew, for once, she understood that appearance wasn’t reality.
‘Papilo’? Deborah’s lips quaked, what was he going to do to her?
‘Sweet Choco, wetin you dey do here? Wetin you do dat madam’? Papilo was shocked to see her.
‘I no no o, she na bad person, abeg no kill me, abeg, anything wey u want, any amount of money, just release me, make I go, for the sake of my mama’ she cried.
‘Wait first, make I check if coast dey clear’
Papilo rushed to see if Teju had left with the other guy. He had killed people before, he’d sold human body parts to people who needed them, but he wasn’t going to kill Deborah, he couldn’t.
He was going to set her free, even though it would cost him money. He would find an excuse to cover his tracks. He had done that before with someone who had paid him extra money. As it was, he was tired of this job. He had made enough money and had decided to disappear and start life afresh outside the country. and his life too, but he’d loved
As it was, he was tired of this job. He had made enough money and had decided to disappear and start life afresh outside the country. and his life too, but he’d loved
He believed it was bad luck to kill someone who had shown him kindness, Moreso when he and Sara her friend were friends. he decided he would release her and disappear forever.
‘Before I release you, I wan make you swear say you no go report me’ Papilo brought out a knife, ready to severe the ropes that bound her.
‘I swear’ Deborah replied.
‘Good. Once I release you, run as fast as your legs go carry you o. I no dey do dis kyn tin but because say na you.’ He instructed her and cut the ropes.
‘Thank you’ she jumped to her feet, suddenly she felt a new surge of strength though she’d felt weak before.
Without relenting, she followed his direction and found a way out of the building. She realised they’d taken her to an uncompleted building that wasn’t very far from the Briggas Mansion.
She contemplated gong there, but she was too terrified, what if Teju was at home? She decided to run home and meet her mother first.
Deborah – Final Episode
‘Thanks Sarah for showing us the way’ Andy winked at Deborah’s friend. He’d called her and told her about his family’s plan to visit Deborah’s family. ‘No big deal’ Sara smiled at him.
‘No big deal’ Sara smiled at him.
‘So my son is in love with Deborah, how long have you had feelings for her? And does she know about your feelings’? Mrs Briggas questioned her son as they trailed behind Andy, Clara and Sara.
‘From the first day I set my eyes on her, I just couldn’t get my mind off her, I think she is amazing’ he smiled and prayed Deborah shared his feelings.
‘Wow and why didn’t you tell me?’ Mrs Briggas still felt guilty for pushing Ani to get married.
‘I don’t know, maybe I wasn’t sure of what I wanted’ Ani replied coolly and scanned the new environment they’d found themselves. He was going to take care of her and turn her situation around, she wouldn’t ever have to hawk around to make ends meet.
He was going to take care of her and turn her situation around, she wouldn’t ever have to hawk around to make ends meet.
‘Well, I like her and I pray she has a womb’ Mrs Briggas murmured.
‘Eno!’ said Sara as she pounded on the door to Deborah’s apartment.
‘Open up it’s me, Sarah, you have visitors’ Sarah quickly added.
Eno was heavily pregnant and she had a feeling she’d been asleep for a long time.
‘What visitors’? Eno yawned and pulled the door open, the curious faces that stared at her terrified her, then she quickly remembered the woman whom Deborah had worked for.
‘Where is Deborah? Has something bad happened to my sister’? she panicked.
‘No, the police are working on it, they just came to see how you and Mama were faring, bring some chairs outside, where is Mama’? Sara asked.
‘She went to church, she’ll be back soon’ Eno replied and brought out some chairs.
‘Please make yourselves comfortable’ she smiled at the visitors. These people were really nice, all her life she’d believed wealthy people to be arrogant and proud, but these ones before her were different.
‘So how have you been? How is the baby’? Mrs Briggas stared at the young girl, Deborah’s younger sister.
‘Fine’ Eno looked away in embarrassment. If only she’d been like Deborah, if only she’d followed her footsteps, things would’ve turned out differently for her, but it was too late for regrets
‘What’s happening here? has my Deborah been found’? the woman rushed to the house, she’d seen the car that was packed outside the compound and she quickly recognized it as the one that had driven in the day she went to the Brigass mansion.
‘Madam, you’re welcome, don’t worry, your daughter would be fine’ Mrs Briggas rose to meet her. ‘Amen’ the woman’s enthusiasm waned.
She’d just returned from church and had prayed with all the strength in her, she hoped God answered her prayers eventually.
She was happy the woman and her family showed so much concern for her daughter, it further strengthened her.
Deborah – Final Episode
‘Please wait here for me, let me get you some money’ Deborah was beyond excited that she’d been freed at last
‘Take your time’ the cab driver looked her over. The girl looked tattered and thin, he wondered if she suffered any mental illness.
‘Who do we have here’? Deborah caressed the blue Jeep that was parked outside the compound. A smile played on her lips as she heard her mother’s voice; she seemed to be talking with someone other than her sister.
She increased her pace and burst into the gathering, it all seemed like a dream, what was he doing here? her legs felt soft and her heart fluttered as she saw his handsome face.
‘Deborah’! Ani rose to his feet as their eyes met, he was the first to see her.
‘Yes’ she whispered weakly not knowing how to respond.
‘I am so happy you’re alive’ he moved forward and scooped her into his arms, he caressed her beautiful face and inhaled her hair, his love was back.
‘Thank you’ Deborah was stunned, while in the mansion, Ani rarely spoke to her, she was just amazed by his expressions.
‘I love you so much’ he whispered into her ears.
The words hit her like a wave of air, cooled her like a splash of water on a sunny day, was she dreaming?
‘Did you hear me? I love you’ Ani repeated.
‘Yes, I have always loved you’ Deborah smiled, but she was confused, where was Morganna?
‘We broke up, long story, I’ll tell you much later’ he read the confusion in her eyes.
‘How beautiful, my son and your daughter’ Mrs Briggas turned to Deborah’s mother.
‘I never knew he had interest in her’ the woman beamed, she was so proud of her daughter.
‘I miss you so much Deborah, I’m so happy God brought you back safely’ Clara was the next to hug her.
‘Thank you Clara, I miss you too’ Deborah hugged her tightly.
‘My beloved daughter, God has brought you back to me, I am so happy’ her mother and Eno threw themselves at her, then Sara joined.
‘I am happy you are alive’ Andy caressed her hair.
She had never felt so much love; that was her moment, she realized how much they cared for her and it pleased her greatly.
‘Welcome back Deborah’ Mrs Briggas was the last to welcome her.
‘Come and give me a hug’ she widened her arms but Deborahwas hesitant.
‘Go ahead darling’ Ani urged her on and without hesitation, she hugged the woman.
Deborah – Final Episode
Teju was later arrested alongside her gang of kindappers. The police couldn’t find Papilo who had escaped that night beyond the border.
Oge later confessed about her involvement in Deborah’s kidnapping but Deborah forgave her.
The woman she called mother later told her the true circumstances that surrounded her birth, she was mad at first, and felt deceived but she later forgave her and called her mother again.
God had allowed her to be stolen as an infant for a reason, that was her belief. Her mother was an amazing woman and she was proud to have her as a mother and Eno as a sister.
Deborah – Final Episode
‘From the first day I saw you I fell in love with you, I don’t know how it happened, but it did’ Ani kissed her belly. They’d dated for some months and he’d gotten her pregnant, his love for her grew as the days passed, this was the right woman for him.
‘Me too, but I never thought you’d be mine in this life, I saw you as this guy from a rich family who’d nothing to do with a poor and wretched maid, I am so happy to have you in my life’ she caressed his head.
‘So back to our discussion, what should we name this baby since the scan showed it is a girl’ he tickled her and she laughed.
‘Baby stop being naughty, don’t tickle me’ she laughed. ‘What should we call her’? he tickled her again.
‘I don’t know, maybe you should kiss me first, I’d tell you after’ she winked.
‘You know I could never get tired of kissing the woman I love’ without hesitation, he pressed his lips on hers; his kiss was a show of undying love and a promise of forever
I wont u guyz tell me how many story i hav i started witout finishing it just only one story nd i tell u guyz d reason behind it wit an apology,
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