The Spell Weaver- Episode 3

“It’s as simple as that. I’m sure you’re
matured enough to read between the
lines. What were you thinking when I
said she had made extreme sacrifices.
Young man, you either keep your
distance or you forget about the job,” the manager said. The encounter with the HR manager left
Michael with the impression that Sophie
had slept with the manager. This made
him jealous and left him with a sense of
betrayal even though it was said the
sacrifice was for him to get a job. Michael decided to avoid Sophie. He
dumped the apology he had rehearsed
before as he now didn’t feel like seeing
her. Sophie’s was quite surprised at the fact
that Michael didn’t make any attempt to
come see her even though they now
worked in the same office. She had
managed to forgive him on the matter
with her sister and was willing to go ahead with the relationship. She,
however, wanted him to come to her
and apologize for his bad behavior. You Are Reading: The Spell Weaver – Episode 3 By the third day, Sophie was uptight. She
didn’t feel comfortable about it. She
needed her guy back. She loved him so
much even after what he had done.
Later that day around lunch time, she
saw him standing afar off and she decided to confront him. ” Michael, I want us to talk.” said “About what Sophie, Tell me.” Michael
asked. “Why are you doing this? Michael, am I
the one to blame, after sleeping with my
own sister?” Sophie asked. “Oh yes, I did that and I’m sorry yeah.
But two wrongs do not make a right”
Michael said. “What wrongs Michael? What are you
talking about? Sophie asked. Suddenly, Amah the secretary to the HR
manager showed up and barged into
their conversation. “Michael, you have kept me waiting for
too long. Lunch will soon be over” Amah
said interrupting the conversation. “Sorry Amah, I was just rounding up
here,” Michael said. He turned to her
with a grin and said “see you later
Sophie” and then promptly walked away
with Amah. From the look of things, there was
something brewing between Michael
and Amah even though Michael had only
been at work for 3 days. Sophie knew Michael couldn’t be trusted
around Amah. She knew him and knew
what he was capable of. This only
worsened her plight as she had
practically dwelt on his attitude over the
last three days She really loved him. Asides Michael’s
cheating, he was really caring, loving
and fun to be with. Although it could be
more of the ‘good girl loving bad boy’
syndrome a lot of women find
themselves in. You Are Reading: The Spell Weaver – Episode 3 Sophie was willing to give Michael some
time to come around. She innocently
didn’t suspect that he could have any
other reason for staying away from her. Days went by and Michael indeed kept
his distance. Sophie, on the other hand,
was waiting for Michael to come around. She had also forgiven Nicky. They spoke
a bit about the matter and had gotten
back to being the sisters they were. They
had both enjoyed a good relationship
and Sophie considered Nicky to be one of
her BFFs. Little did she know that Nicky was carrying Michael’s child. On the last day of work, Sophie decided
to surprise Michael with a gift. She
bought something she knew Michael
loved so much, packaged it nicely and
placed it on his table at a time she knew
he wouldn’t be around. Michael had been in the conference room
with the CEO. He came back to meet the
package on his table, He thought the gift
was from Amah. He didn’t stop to think
that it could be from Sophie. Immediately, he called Amah and
promised to take her out on a dinner
date right after work. Sophie was just coming into his office to
let him know she was the one who
dropped the gift when she overheard
him fixing a date with Amah. She
stopped in her tracks, pained. Michael
hadn’t seen her and went into some flirty talk with Amah oblivious of the
fact that Sophie was overhearing. It was quite obvious to Sophie that
Michael and Amah had something going
on. She ran out of where she was and
returned to her desk. You Are Reading: The Spell Weaver – Episode 3 Sophie couldn’t control herself. She kept
thinking and weeping for something
that was not worth it. Was it wrong to
sacrifice so much for the one she loved?
Probably, love was not her portion. These among several other thoughts
kept running through her mind all day to
the point that her productivity started to
suffer. She decided she needed a break. She
was glad that this was the last working
day of the week and she wouldn’t get to
see Michael for a while. As the day wore on, she became a
nervous wreck; many people passed by
and noticed her countenance. At a point,
she just couldn’t continue. She wanted to
leave the office so she wouldn’t have to
go through the pain of running into Michael and Amah going on their date. She rushed out of the office and ran out.
She was absentminded, partly weeping
and totally oblivious of her environment. Without thinking, she drifted into the
center of the road right at the junction. A
car coming from the other direction
suddenly drove up and hit her. … To be continued . 


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