The Spell Weaver – Episode 4

Luckily, the driver had seen her on time
and applied his brakes. By the time the
car hit her, it was a very soft touch. She
fell down more from shock than from the
impact of the accident. She had no
bruises on her neither did she feel any pains. The driver knowing very well he
was at fault came down and helped her. He was a gentleman and very courteous.
He helped Sophie and insisted on taking
her to the hospital for check up. Sophie
initially refused because she felt she was
fine. After they exchanged names, Jason,
the driver was able to convince her and eventually took her to the hospital. Jason was apparently well connected;
Sophie breezed through the hospital
formalities with ease even though the
place was busy at that time. A number of
the doctors and hospital staff knew him. Jason pushed for Sophie to undergo an x-
ray and proper check up. After all the
checks, nothing serious was detected. Jason insisted on taking Sophie
wherever she was headed. On their
way, Sophie drifted away, thinking of
Michael and totally oblivious of the man
driving by her side. Jason soon noticed
this and tried to get her attention. “Are you ok? Jason asked but Sophie
didn’t hear him. “Hello Madam” Jason called, tapping her
shoulder. Sophie came to herself, realizing that
Jason had been trying to get her
attention. “Sorry, come again” Sophie said. ” You seem distracted, just wanted to
know if you’re ok,” Jason asked. “Yeah I am, I just have a couple of things
on my mind, but I am ok” Sophie said. “Ok then. I am really sorry for what
happened earlier today, it’s entirely my
fault. I had this family issue that I just
couldn’t get off my mind. ” Jason said. “Funny world, isn’t it? We all have seem
to have personal problems eating us up,”
Sophie said. Jason offered to take her on a ride
around town so that they could take the
time to know each other. Sophie agreed
to the ride and suggested they found
somewhere they could sit and talk. “Sounds perfect to me. At least, we can
have a reason to smile at our worries.”
Jason said. They immediately struck a cord and
talking was easy from them then on.
They talked about life in general, made
fun of things and laughed all through
their conversation. They totally forgot about all that was
happening in their lives and just enjoyed
the moment. You Are Reading: The Spell Weaver – Episode 4 Meanwhile, Nicky was pissed off by the
fact that Michael seemed to have
completely ignored her. He refused to
pick her calls or even return them. Rumor had already gone out that Michael
was in a relationship with one of his
colleagues at work. Nicky had heard of it
and honestly was not impressed. Even though she had promised herself
not to get intimately involved with
Michael anymore she was not pleased
with what she was hearing. Out of anger, she stormed Michael’s
office just about closing time to confront
him. She apparently missed her sister by
just a few minutes. She caught him alone
and it became a heated argument as
Michael denied responsibility for her pregnancy. Unlike her quiet sister Sophie, Nicky
could be quite vocal. She wasn’t one to
take things lying low. The more they
argued, the more the rage in her heart
grew. “Look Michael, you can mess around with
Sophie but you can’t deny responsibility
for your child. ” Nicky said. Michael tried to drive her away from his
office and it turned into a bit of a
physical fight. As they struggled, Nicky
suddenly felt a sharp pain in her
abdomen. She looked down and saw
some blood running down her dress. Almost immediately, she felt a choking
sensation and found herself gasping for
air. Michael soon noticed that she was no
longer struggling with him and that she
was fainting. He immediately borrowed
the company car and rushed her to the
hospital. At the hospital, Nicky insisted that
Michael should call her sister, Sophie. She
wanted her by her side. Michael called Sophie but she refused to
answer his call. Sophie thought Michael
had now come to his senses and was
probably calling to apologize. After
calling several times, he finally sent her
a text that got her attention. “Oh no! Jason, my sister was just rushed
to the hospital.” Sophie told Jason. She
called Michael to ask him what had
happened “I am really not sure,” said Michael.
“When you get here, I am sure I can
explain better” He gave her the name of the hospital and
promised to wait at the reception. Sophie and Jason quickly rushed to the
hospital together. Michael was waiting at the reception. He
was running up to her when he paused
in shock as he saw a man beside her. He
was not surprised that Sophie was with
a different guy but this guy in question
was his estranged elder brother. ….
To be continued.


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