The Spell Weaver – Episode5

Michael was waiting at the reception. He
was running up to her when he paused
in shock as he saw a man beside her. He
was not surprised that Sophie was with
a different guy but this guy in question
was his estranged elder brother. Jason was unhappy also to see Michael.
On Michael’s part, the feeling was
mutual. “What are you doing with my woman,
shouldn’t you be with your wife? Michael
asked Jason. Sophie was surprised that that they
knew each other. She was even more
surprised at Michael’s reaction seeing
that he had ignored her for almost two
weeks. “Do you guys know each other? “ she
asked Michael “Oh yes, very well my love, very, very
well.” Michael said.
He actually called Sophie his love just to
intimidate his brother. You Are Reading: The Spell Weaver – Episode 5 Sophie however was more concerned
about her sister and didn’t have time to
dwell on the coincidence or the fact that
Michael had mentioned something about
Jason having a wife. “Where is Nicky? What really happened
to her?” Sophie asked Michael. “Well, she came looking for you at the
office. All of a sudden she started
complaining of abdominal pains so I
rushed her here.” Michael lied. “She is being attended to right now, but
she is in emergency.” he continued. Sophie became more agitated upon
hearing of her sister’s condition. It was
quite unlike Nicky to come over to the
office without first calling her up. That
was quite uncharacteristic. Sophie knew her sister very well. She
also knew Michael and it was obvious to
her that Michael was lying. She knew he
was hiding something from her and she
became determined that whatever that
thing was, she would get to the root of it eventually. Jason found Michael’s presence annoying.
He didn’t feel comfortable around him.
They had a history of bad blood between
them. Michael and Jason were brothers. Michael
was the older sibling. Their parents had
thrust them into intensive sibling rivalry.
Right from their childhood, they had
always competed intensely against each
other. Everything to them was a competition. One always wanted to be
ahead of the other; either in school, at
home or even in fun games. Things got particularly intense back in
high school after Jason met his first love. Everything was perfect between Jason
and his girlfriend until Michael showed
up. He soon succeeded in getting Jason’s
girlfriend’s attention by making Jason
look like an uncaring boyfriend. Not long after, Michael started dating
this same girl and they disliked each
other right from that time. Life went well for Jason. He successfully
completed his education, got a good job
and eventually rose up the ranks to a top
managerial position. He never lacked anything and in no time,
he found love and eventually got
married. You Are Reading: The Spell Weaver – Episode 5 Jason was however facing challenges at
the homefront that was taking a toll on
him. This was the position he was in
when he had the fateful encounter with
Sophie. Having found that Sophie and Michael
seemed to be in some sort of
relationship, Jason called Sophie aside,
gave her his contact details and left the
hospital in a haste. He
uncharacteristically didn’t even wait to find out the state of her sister. Sophie had gotten to like Jason in the
short period they had met. She felt
comfortable around him and didn’t want
him to leave. Not long after he left, she
felt something was missing. For the first
time, she didn’t like the idea of being left alone with Michael. Michael had noticed some form of
closeness between his brother and
Sophie. He didn’t like this at all and was
determined to tear apart whatever was
forming between them. As soon as he saw that Jason had left, he
decided to take advantage of the
moment. He felt he needed to do
something, especially now he saw that
there seemed to be something brewing
between his brother and Sophie. “Michael, who is Jason? How do you
know him?” Sophie asked. “Is that really important? He is just an
irresponsible man who doesn’t take care
of his wife.” Michael asked. “Oh, he is married?” Sophie asked. “…So he conveniently didn’t mention it
to you? I see he wants to have his usual
way with you as with his string of
mistresses.” Michael said. “Michael, he is married!” Sophie
repeated. ” Yes, and not just married, he has a
young son” Michael said. ….
To be continued. 


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