The Spell Weaver – Episode 6

Sophie was disappointed. She had
thought something could have come out
of her meeting with Jason. She decided
not to call him back again. As it was, she
had enough on her hands with Michael’s
philandering. Michael noticed the look on Sophie’s face
and began taking advantage of it. He
knew Sophie well, he knew her weak
spots. He had always been an expert at
manipulating her. He knew how to use
her weaknesses to his advantage. He came closer to her and said “Sophie, I
have been waiting for a time like this to
tell you how sorry I am regarding the
matter with Nicky. I don’t know what
came over me. It must have been the
boredom, not having a job all this while, all the rejections I had faced. I promise
you, I am a changed man now. Please
forgive me and take me back. Let us be
as we used to be.” “Michael, for how long will you keep
doing this? You completely ignored me
and now you expect me to believe you?
What about Amah. I know how easily
you move from one lady to the other.
What about her? I know you are dating her.” Sophie responded. “Sophie, I may be guilty of many things
but I am not dating Amah. I know what
you have done for me what you have
been through on my behalf. Let me make
amends”. Michael dropped on his knees
and went “Let’s work things out and get married ” Marriage? Could he be serious? Never in
the entirety of their relationship had he
ever spoken of marriage to Sophie. Was
he being real this time around? This
move of his gave Sophie a different
impression. She found herself believing him and was ready to give him a second
chance. You Are Reading: The Spell Weaver – Episode 6 It took Jason about 45 minutes to get
home. He parked the car in the garage,
handed his key and office things to the
housekeeper and walked into the sitting
room. Immediately he came in, his wife
jumped up from the chair, charged at
him and began shouting. “Where are you coming from at this time
of the day? I called your office and was
told you were not there. Where have you
been?” Helena his wife shouted. Jason didn’t answer her. He turned away
and started climbing up the stairs to his
bedroom. She pushed him aside rushed
ahead and blocked the entrance to the
room. “Tell me where you have been before I
allow you to enter into this room” She
yelled at him. “Look woman, don’t forget that this is
my house” Jason said. “It can belong to your dead father for all
I care! You useless impossible man! If
you think you’re gonna cheat on me and
walk around freely, then you must be
joking!” She said. She was completely over-reacting. There
had to be more to this matter than met
the eye. It was however obvious that
theirs was indeed a troubled marriage.
Jason truly was an unhappy man. At the moment, Jason looked very
frustrated. He didn’t quite know what to
do. He wasn’t a violent man and had
never hit his wife before. The combination of the day’s events
with it’s climax being his wife’s theatrics
were proving too much for him to
handle. He glared at his wife as if to
push her aside. However, he turned
away and walked down the steps, out of the house. That however didn’t stop Helena from
shouting at him. “Walk away as you always do. You
coward. You are always afraid to face
your problems. Walk away. I will be here
waiting for you” she said and went back
into the house as Jason drove away. You Are Reading: The Spell Weaver – Episode 6 Back at the hospital, Michael was still on
his knees, sweet-talking Sophie.
Suddenly, he reached into his pocket and
pulled out a ring. “I have been waiting for this moment
for days now and this ring has been on
me everywhere I went. Sophie will you
marry me?” Michael asked. Sophie didn’t know what to say. She
was caught by surprise. She was very
delighted but had some apprehension.
More like a sixth sense warning her that
something wasn’t right. She decided to push it aside and take the
plunge. This was what she had waited
for all these years. As she was about to stretch forth her
hand and open her mouth to agree, the
door suddenly burst open and a doctor
and nurse came in. The interruption startled Sophie and
Michael. Michael jumped to his feet and
went towards the doctor. “Hi Doctor any news?” Michael asked. The doctor took one look at him and one
look at Sophie, he took a deep breathe
and said. “I am sorry, we tried all we could. The
patient didn’t make it.”
….To be continued. 


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